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Company Profile

Gujarat Polysol Chemicals Limited is amongst the leading chemical manufacturers for the Infra-tech (Construction), agro, dyes and leather industries in India. We are also amongst the leading supplier of dispersing agents in the Infra-tech, dye and pigments, and textile and leather industries and a leading supplier of powder surfactants in India. We are amongst the leading manufacturers of poly carboxylate ether (PCE) liquid in India. We are one of the few manufacturers of PCE powder globally and the only manufacturer of PCE powder in India. The vast majority of products that we manufacture use the aromatic organic compounds viz., naphthalene, phenol (carbolic acid), acrylic acid and PEG as the base chemical.

We have been in the business of manufacturing diverse chemical products for over 3 decades and we believe that one of our strengths is that we have constantly augmented our product offerings. We manufacture customised products that are tailored to the requirements of our customers. Our Company has 4 Manufacturing Facilities, located in Vapi and Sarigam in the State of Gujarat and a unit located in the Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu and we have an aggregate manufacturing capacity of 184,400 MT per annum across our 4 Manufacturing Facilities. Our manufacturing infrastructure is complemented by our stringent quality and safety standards and processes. The quality of our Manufacturing Facilities is evidenced by the certifications and accreditations such as the ISO standards (9001, 14001, 18001, and 31010) that our facilities have obtained.

With a reputed clientele of 600+ customers and enormous manufacturing capacity, Gujarat Polysol stands strong on the path of consistent growth with a turnover of more than INR 450 Crores in FY23, achieved through sheer perseverance, rich knowledge capital, dedication for innovation, sustainable development and customer centric services. GPCL exports its various products to countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, China, UAE, Bangladesh, Vietnam & Australia expanding its footprint globally.

With continuous innovation and research & development we manufacture some of the high-end items such as Poly Carboxilate Ether which is one of the product being manufactured in India. Majority of the PCE is imported from South Korea & China in Indian chemical industries. We have penetrated the market with best quality and comparative pricing.

We have established long term relationships with various Swiss, US and German multinational and domestic companies including Ado Additive Technologies Limited, Agrosyn Impex, Master Builders Solutions India Private Limited, Molecules Conchem Private Limited, Normet India Private Limited, South India Cashew Corporation, Sulphur Mills Limited, Chryso India Private Limited, Ecmas Construction Chemicals Private Limited, Lonsen Kiri Chemical Industries Limited, Shivani Detergents Private Limited, Technochem Construction Chemicals Limited, and Sanghavi Industries Private Limited. 

R&D and Quality Control

We rely on constant R&D for developing or innovating new formulations or products. Our R&D department plays an integral role in the life cycle of a product. In line with our philosophy of being an environmentally conscious and responsible business, our R&D team focuses on creating efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. While, generally, our efforts to customized products are driven by customer requirements, we do also innovate and develop products. We embark upon attempting innovations only after our internal team undertakes a market survey and products are developed based on extensive feedback from our customers and other relevant industry participants.

With a view to augment our focus on R&D we have developed a dedicated in-house R&D facility located at our Manufacturing Facility in Vapi. Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and instrumentation which enables us to undertake pharmaceutical gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatograph. We are also equipped to conduct various chemistries/ technologies. Our R&D facilities are equipped with inter alia with ‘gas chromatography-mass spectrometer’ (GC-Mass Spec) and ultra-violet spectrometer, etc. We also have a highly qualified and experienced team that is dedicated to R&D. The team comprises of 19 employees with doctorates and post-graduation degrees.

We believe that maintaining high standard of quality in our R&D and manufacturing operations is critical to our growth and success. We have implemented quality systems across our Manufacturing Facilities that cover the full product lifecycle. All our products from being a raw material to the finished product undergoes 6-8 checks depending on process flow. Raw materials received are sent for the quality analysis, the technical department is responsible for carrying out this procedure. Various samples are drawn by technical person and requisite tests are carried out for specified properties as per the standard procedures, on satisfactory outcome, material is allowed to be stored in the designated area for further processing. 

Environment, Health and Safety

Our Company remains focused on environmental sustainability and stewardship of our products, facilities, and the communities we serve. We regularly review the environmental impact of our products and manufacturing processes and evaluate the renewability and sustainability of our resources. This is an effort to protect or improve the environment while providing environmentally affordable solutions. Our Manufacturing Facility at Vapi is certified with the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system and ISO 9001 for quality management system.

We have devised a detailed procedure for new employees to get accustomed to the health and safety measures within our Company. We have a dedicated department which ensures that the policy and measures instituted by our Company are implemented and duly followed to ensure compliance with the various health and safety measures of our Company, in particular, at our Manufacturing Facilities.  

Environmental, Social and Governance

We are conscious of our social and environmental responsibilities and seeks to implement the best industry practices to ensure that its operations are not simply compliance with applicable law but in consonance with our core belief in sustainable growth.

As part of our environmental and sustainability efforts, we have implemented an integrated management system (IMS). The IMS adopts a four pronged approach:

Focusing on ensuring compliance with applicable environmental laws and the approvals that we have received;

Ensuring the physical infrastructure for pollution control including electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, air filters, dry/wet scrubbers are installed and maintained;

Ensuring that our air and water discharges / effluents are regularly monitored to ensure that we are within prescribed limits; and

Ensuring adequate and proper waste management system are in place including for management of hazardous waste – hazardous waste is managed using an online manifest generation system on GPCB XGN.

We have a dedicated EHS team of 14 employees. The main function of our EHS program is to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, monitor our effluent treatment plant and sewage treatment plant operations, handle hazardous waste management and disposal, and provide employee training on environmental management and compliance. 


• Strong and diversified customer base
• Strong focus on R&D
• Extensive manufacturing capabilities of products with stringent quality norms and procedures
• Strong promoters and experienced management team
• Strong and consistent financial performance  

Registered Office  

Plot No 1734,
Third Phase, G.I.D.C Vapi,
District – Valsad,
Vapi – 396 195, Gujarat, India  

+91 99251 00334



Corporate Office 

“Polysol Building”, 2nd Floor,
C5/101/4, N.H.No: 48,
Near Supreme Hotel, GIDC,
Vapi – 396 195, Gujarat, India

+91 99251 00331